Awesome Web Design Inspiration Site – Pattern Tap

A great site for getting inspiration for a unique web design is  It’s basically a collection of images of web pages which are categorized by tags.  These tags can be used to help search by page type, color, or region.  There’s a collection of user generated tags which allow for even more ways to classify and search for ideas.

Here’s an excerpt from the about page which may help to explain what the site is.

The Secret Origins of Pattern Tap

A long time ago, in an Internet far, far away … or 2008, Matthew Smith saw that there wasn’t any place on the Web that inspired other designers to be better at their craft. Sure there were web galleries galore, but nothing that really highlighted the nitty-gritty of great design and interaction work. With that idea firmly planted into his brain, he set out to build a shining beacon on the Web for designers to find the inspiration and education they needed.

Four years later, Pattern Tap has more than 25,000 registered users from around the world and across the galaxy. Designs are posted not only from Earth but as far away as the Constellation of Centaurus. Just wait until you see what some of those four-armed Centaurians design … those interactions are pretty far out and in four-dimensions!


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