Dataset Visualizer Replacement

This is pretty nifty:

Here’s some information I copied from the website.

Righthand Dataset Debugger Visualizer

RightHand.DataSet.Visualizer is an MDI application that lets you inspect DataSet structure and its data plus tons of other useful operations on DataSet.


Run to a breakpoint in your application, hover over a dataset variable either in editor or in one of the debugger windows (locals, auto, watch, …). Click on the arrow near magnify glass and pick RightHand DataSet Visualizer. Here is an example:


Main Screen

The main screen also provides the ability to either save or load dataset through usage of WriteXml and ReadXml methods. See File/Open, File/Save and File/Save As.. menu items. When you are done using visualizer you can commit changes and exit (File/Commit And Exit) or just exit and cancel changes.

Table MDI child window

Master-Detail view

Images in grid

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